About Us

Painting at Feilding PlaycentreFor over 75 years Feilding Playcentre has been offering quality Early Childhood Education and Care for children aged 0 to 6 years. At Playcentre, parents come with their children to enjoy educational, stimulating and fun sessions run by trained parents. We also have two highly experienced coordinators on each session. Children receive lots of personal attention and develop friendships with the other children.

Parents enjoy the support and company of other parents. We promote and encourage the free adult education courses and workshops.

Our kids explore and discover, have fun and are creative with lots of different activities available to them at every session. This includes painting, water play, play dough, blocks, trains, dress up, sandpit, carpentry and music.

We cater well to babies (usually our little brothers and sisters) so that the whole family can come to Playcentre together. We have a dedicated safe space for our babies to explore and play, with lots of open-ended toys, as well as a couch for parents to sit and feed their babies. In our sleep area we have a rocking feeding chair and three cots for babies to sleep in.

At the collage table at Feilding PlaycentreOur fantastic outdoor area includes a large shaded sandpit with a multitude of diggers, buckets, spades and other implements. We have climbing boxes, slides and swings as well as ride on toys, balls, a veggie garden and often set up confidence courses for the children.

Animals at the centre include goldfish, chooks and budgies. We have regular visits from animals such as lambs, rabbits and baby chicks.

We provide the opportunity for you to take your children on excursions to places like the A & P show, Santa Cave, Museum, local parks and more.

At Playcentre we believe that play is the central activity of childhood and through play young children are like little scientists, learning about themselves and their world.

We love to provide our children with the opportunity to decide for themselves what to do and when to do it. This does not mean a free-for-all; we have limits and the high adult: child ratio ensures the children are well supported in their play. The environment and equipment is arranged and selected by responsible adults in such a way that it is safe, stimulating and promotes all round development.Washing the dolls at Feilding Playcentre

This promotes confidence, feelings of success, self-direction, independence, discovery, problem solving, decision making, creativity, opportunities to learn from mistakes, self-discipline plus a lot more. Our Playcentre caters for each child’s individuality, allowing each child to grow and develop at his or her own rate, pursuing individual interests and developing individual skills.

Many of our children also attend kindergarten or other child care facilities. Once your child is over 2.5 years of age, with the mutual agreement of the session co-ordinators and parent, your child may be left on session without you there.

Our fees are low and you only pay fees once per term, no matter how many children are coming to Playcentre in your family. Parking is easy and we are in a handy location.

Many families live locally to Feilding Playcentre, but we also have families who travel from Sanson, Bulls, Halcombe and surrounding towns.

For more information and to arrange a free visit, please do not hesitate to contact us on (06) 323 6100 during any of our session times. Or leave us a message and we can call you back. We regularly check our email so if you have any questions please email us.

We look forward to seeing you here soon.